Frances Pappas

Mahler Musikwochen | 2023

“Gustav Mahler Musikwochen 2023: A Musical Journey in Toblach”

We are excited to announce an extraordinary evening of music at the Gustav Mahler Musikwochen 2023 in Toblach. Join us on Tuesday, July 25th, at 6:00 PM in the enchanting Gustav-Mahler-Saal for a remarkable performance featuring the El Cimarrón Ensemble and Die Blechzinnen.

Junge Komponierende und Gustav Mahler in Toblach

This year’s program promises to be a unique blend of the old and the new. As we pay homage to the musical legacy of Gustav Mahler, we also celebrate the creativity of young composers. Frances Pappas, the captivating Mezzosopran, will grace us with her enchanting voice.


  • El Cimarrón Ensemble
  • Die Blechzinnen
  • Frances Pappas, Mezzosopran
  • Clemens Heil, Dirigent

An Evening of Musical Exploration:

We are thrilled to introduce new works by the talented composers Sebastiano Beozzo, Leonardo Castellani, Anna Dobrucka, Giuseppe Gammino, Haruki Noda, Bernhard Plechinger, Sharleen Revia, and Ramsey Sadaka. These emerging artists will take you on a journey of innovation and creativity, all within the inspirational surroundings of Toblach, a place that deeply resonated with Gustav Mahler himself.


Gustav-Mahler-Saal, Toblach